The Day the Basketball Stopped Dribbling

Jake Olson, Staff Writer

Many people will ask you where you were the day the world was put on alert. The day that seemed that could only be imagined by the cruelest of people. The day the basketball stopped dribbling. March 12, 2020. This was the day many people finally seemed to realize how powerful this Corona virus threat can be. 


Many people including myself were angry and sad at the fact that the best time of the year got put on hold. A time for endless basketball watching turned into a time for boredom and sadness. This was especially tough to watch it get cancelled for the teams closest to our hearts.


Lizzie Johnson (12) was extremely disappointed with what happened.


“It was hard because watching the basketball team (Iowa) progress through the season knowing what we could do in the tournament was hard for all fans, we thought we had a really good chance to make it far,” Johnson said.


Having a crutch like sports to fall back on when times are tough is a great way for people to just forget about the struggles of everyday life and come together as a fan base and cheer on a team. That’s the beautiful thing about it, you don’t need to know someone that well to have a mutual respect because you cheer for the same sports team. Truly an unspoken bond.