Adjusting to the COVID-19 Classroom

teachers become the backbone for the safety of the Dowling Catholic community


Molly Cain in her classroom working t her podium six feet away from the nearest desk.

Molly Dryer, Staff Writer

Although Dowling Catholic is working as a whole to keep their facility and students safe and healthy, it is up to the teachers within each classroom to keep their rules straight and keep the students safe.


The facility has enforced new rules within their classrooms to keep the students and themselves safe. Each teacher has had to adjust to the new ways of teaching and the online aspects.


Many teachers have made their own bubble to limit themselves from walking around the room. The tape allows the students to know how close they can come to the teacher and for teachers to have their own personal space.


“I’ve been trying to limit being around my students to none, I taped a six foot distance around my desk and the front of the room to keep my distance, but still get up,” English Teacher, Ms. Molly Cain said. 


Dowling has made all teachers spray the desks and chairs with disinfectant in between each class. Hand sanitizer was also added right by the door for easy access when walking in and out.


“I spray the desks all down before they come in or make them wait at the back of the room, they grab hand sanitizer in one hand and a paper towel in the other. They wipe the desk and chair down, throw away the towel and grab more hand sanitizer,” Cain said.


Making sure the students feel safe and secure is a must for all the teachers, especially during these times. Although the teachers are nervous about coming back to school, they are excited to be in the classroom interacting with the students again.


Molly Cain in her classroom working at her podium six feet away from the nearest desk

“I like to check up on my students and make sure they understand. I always ask my students if they are comfortable with me approaching. I walk around during work time because the administration told us if we walk around we aren’t exposing one another,” Math teacher, Mrs.Monica Nedved, said.


The online aspect is something Dowling Catholic has been fortunate enough to be able to work with. Most teachers have made homework and paper handouts all online and accessible to the students to limit germ transmission. Teachers have been very grateful that students have been able to learn fully online, but do miss the interactions and getting to know each student.


“I love building relationships with students, and that has been the biggest challenge. There are some students who I haven’t actually met. Building a relationship with my students is something I really enjoy,” Math Teacher Mrs. Monika Nedved said.


This is new to everyone, but coming back and adjusting to this new way has been hard. Many teachers are worried as to what may happen to the school year or even more of a spread.


“I am always happy to see my students. I think that’s why any teacher does their job is because of the students,” Cain said. “However, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried and nervous to come to school everyday in these conditions,”