Feminist Club mourns loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Feminist Club members Riley O’Halloran (12), Lele Nigg (12), Rachel Heaston (12), and Theresa Tran (12), attend the 2019 Des Moines Women’s March

Caroline Schultz, Staff Writer

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away last Friday at age 87, due to complications from pancreatic cancer. Ginsburg was a trailblazer for women in law, as well as an advocate for gender and sexual equality.

The Dowling Feminist Club is remembering the tremendous life Ginsburg lead and her influence on women’s rights. 

“I was deeply saddened by the loss of RBG, and honestly overwhelmed by what this could mean for the future of the United States. It is my understanding that she was struggling with health conditions, and considering her age, I wasn’t blindsided, I was just blown away,” said Feminist Club President Stella Logsdon. 

Logsdon does not take lightly the huge path Ginsburg paved for inspiring feminist leadership.

“Ruth Bader Ginsburg honestly is one of the people who I believe to have inspired the creation of Feminist Club. She is an icon and a champion of race and sex equality, and anyone who is making strides, especially on the largest judicial level possible, deserves to be [looked up to],”  Logsdon said. 

Feminist Club is looking into ways to honor Ginsburg’s enormous influence, however, COVID-19 is making meeting more challenging. 

“I would love to do something in her honor, and I’m positive that the club would be down for anything. Feminist Club hasn’t yet met this school year, but I’ve been exploring options with our moderator, Ms. Gantt, to see what the best and safest option is. We hope to do virtual meetings to respect the alphabetical splits, and continue to meet twice a month,” Logsdon said. 

However, Logsdon urges the best way to pay tribute to Ginsburg’s legacy, is to vote in the upcoming election. 

“We need to ensure that we are electing officials who stand up for what we believe in, and don’t bypass individual needs. Everything is on the line in this election, and regardless of political party affiliation, exercise your right! Also, for the sake of RBG, vote for women!,” Logsdon said.