A New Beginning


Natalie Bejarno, Staff Writer

With public schools, such as Roosevelt, not being able to do in-person school or sports, many students, including Mackenzie Dean (9), are faced with a hard decision whether or not to transfer to Dowling Catholic. 


“Looking at an education perspective, transferring was a pretty easy decision because 100% online was not working well for me, I was not staying engaged. That was personally my perspective and had nothing to do with Roosevelt. I needed another option and Dowling happened to be one of them,” Dean said.


Education can be a big factor of students wanting to transfer. For Dean, academics wasn’t the only reason she decided to transfer: Volleyball has been a big part of her life starting at a young age.

Mackenzie Dean (9) swinging hard against Waukee.


“I have been playing volleyball since third grade. I have tried many different sports and activities, but volleyball always seemed to be the one I was most passionate about,” Dean said.


Transferring schools can be a big step an be nerve wracking, especially for incoming freshmen. 


“The hardest part about moving from Roosevelt was leaving my team and my friends I have known for many years. It was hard to leave them because we had bonds that were so tight, and I don’t want them to think those friendships are over just because I am moving schools,” Dean said.


Even though Dean has to leave behind the bonds she made at Roosevelt, she is excited to see what Dowling has to offer and see how she can excel this season.


“I am very excited to start playing with Dowling and I am very grateful for the opportunity to play here! I am going to keep working hard, and getting better everyday,” Dean said.


Starting at Dowling brings up opportunities to improve for Dean, as well as a new environment surrounded with faith.


“I thought of Dowling as a faithful, positive, and an organized school and environment, and that’s the experience I have gotten since I started,” Dean said.


Despite the challenges of transferring to a new school, Dean is excited for the 2020 volleyball season and is ready to compete!