Return to In-Person Classes

Dowling administration grants seniors the choice of all in-person learning for the remainder of the quarter


Stella Logsdon, Staff Writer/Editor

Recent news from the Dowling administration has started conversations for students. The option of returning to a full in-person schedule has been presented for seniors, though for now, it will only be for the remainder of the quarter. 

This announcement follows the release of information that since the start of the school year, there have been three positive cases of COVID-19 at Dowling. 

The opportunity to come back is only available to those who did not opt for a fully virtual semester, in which case those students will remain completely online. 

This raises a lot of questions for our senior students, who have had to make the decision within a fairly short period of time.

I talked to seniors about what they have decided to do for the rest of the quarter, and why that is the best option for them.

“I think giving students an option allows everyone to feel comfortable. Personally, I’m excited to go back full-time because I learn better in the classroom, and I like to see friends everyday,” Grace Marshall (12) said. 

Lele Nigg (12) attends class from her backyard.

As mentioned by Marshall, one factor that contributes to the decision is the way in which students perform best. Attending online classes affects the way students learn, but not always in a negative way.

“I plan to continue to do hybrid mainly because I like having both options. If I’m not understanding something in class, I can come in the next day and get clarification. I also really enjoy school from home because I can be in bed all day. It’s a happy medium,” Adowek Ajoung (12) said. 

Though Ajoung is sticking with the hybrid model, for others, the virtual classroom is their new normal.  

“I plan to stay online for the rest of the semester. Technically I don’t have the option to go back, but even if I did, I think I would stay home. It’s just a lot safer this way and I want to protect my family,” Lele Nigg (12) said. 

To no surprise, the allowance of all in-person is also one of controversy with students. 

“I’m glad that the option is being presented for seniors! I’m just interested to see how it all plays out, considering we still have to socially distance and whatnot. I think it’s nice that the seniors can at least spend a little time together with the rest of the class, as this is our last year. I’m hoping for the best [for them],” Ajoung said.  

Nigg provides a different opinion about the announcement. 

“I think that most of the time, people can make the best decisions for themselves. But, when desire for normalcy interferes with the pandemic, that’s when things get dangerous,” Nigg said. 

Regardless, this decision is one that could be of either serious risk or reward for the 2020-2021 school year.