Finding Your Faith


The Narthex has tables out to make confession socially distanced.

Molly Dryer, Staff Writer

When quarantine hit, our worlds came to a stop, and for a lot of us that included our faith. A majority of Dowling Catholic’s student body ties their faith into school, but when school and churches closed, their faith wasn’t put first.


With school starting again, Dowling is still finding ways for students to continue their faith. Dowling offers many times to pray, attend confession, go to mass, or have small group meetings. 


For most students, faith has played a big role in their Dowling Catholic career, but COVID-19 made their faith come to a pause, but now it is time to resume again.


Miss Magruder, Ut Fidem coordinator, mentioned many options for prayer.


“rosary every Thursday morning at 7:45 in the chapel, daily mass Tuesday through Friday during primetime, Eucharistic Adoration in the chapel every morning from 7:45 to 8:15, or even stopping by the chapel any time,” Magruder said.

The Narthex has tables out to make confession socially distanced.


If you simply don’t have the time after school or in the morning, the chapel is always open. Right before lunch many kids come in to say a prayer and then head to lunch. It’s easy to forget how accessible the chapel is, but the Lord is ready to talk to you any time.


“The best person to talk to is Jesus. It’s easy to just say ‘Hey Jesus…’” Magruder said. 


If you feel as if you have drifted from God over quarantine, or just over time in general, don’t be scared to rediscover your faith. Simply reading the Gospel every night before you go to bed can help you hear and understand Jesus. 


“As you wake up each day say this simple prayer, ‘Lord make me of greater service to you today than yesterday,'” Magruder said.


If you like to talk to others about your faith and learn about ways to grow in your own faith, Ut Fidem is always making new groups. It’s an easy and fun way to pray, and doesn’t make it so hard because you have others helping you with your journey to growing closer with Christ.


“It’s always easier to grow closer to God when you’re not doing it alone. Maybe consider joining an Ut Fidem group. You’ll be given a mentor who will guide you and your group and give you something each week to specifically grow in,” Magruder said.


Getting back into the faith can be hard, but don’t be scared to find your faith again. God is ready when you are, He is waiting for you to come back and letting Him back into your life can truly change you.


“He will run to you with open arms. Will you let him back? You’re the one who gets to choose,” Magruder said. “He will never force himself into someone’s life.”

Feel free to email Miss Magruder any time with any questions.