Spotlight on Ms. Pose’s first year Teaching at Dowling

Q&A with Dowling alumni-turned teacher, Ms. Pose


Talia Schiltz, Staff Writer

Dowling welcomes a handful of new teachers this school year, one being Ms. Pose, who was a Dowling graduate herself and is returning four years later. 


Ms. Pose has always wanted to be a teacher, but it wasn’t until her sophomore year of high school that she knew she wanted to teach English. After going to the University of Iowa, she quickly made it back to Dowling, this time, in the English department. 


“I’ve actually wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember, but what made me choose high school was that by my sophomore year of high school. I knew I wanted to teach just English specifically,” Pose said. 


The 2020-2021 school year is Ms. Pose’s first year teaching. She graduated from Dowling in 2016 and loved it here, so she couldn’t turn down the opportunity to come back. 


“When I saw Dowling had an opening, I couldn’t pass up applying for it. The thought of working with many of the teachers who inspired me to get where I am today was so exciting to me,” Pose said. 


Firsts are always scary, especially the first day at a new job. Luckily for Pose, she was already familiar with the building and the staff. 


“I’m grateful for the positive support system I have here, especially within my department,” Pose said. 


Pose enjoys being at a school where she can openly express her faith. She also enjoys being around high school teenagers, who make day to day life hilarious. 


“High schoolers in general are great… They also are so creative, intelligent, resilient, and hilarious,” Pose said. 


Because there is a pandemic going on right now, life has been a little more challenging for everyone. Everyone is trying to get a hold of the new technology we are using and get used to either virtually learning from home or teaching students while they are virtually learning. 


“I’m someone who likes to have a nice balance of technology in my classroom, so adjusting to using so much and staring at screens all day long has definitely taken some getting used to,” Pose said. 


As things are constantly changing, it is important to stay safe and know everyone has people around them who are going through the same things. 


“I also know that all teachers and students are adjusting to this new school environment, so it is comforting to know that we’re all in this together right now,” Pose said.