Insight on the New Freshman Class Officers

Natalie Bejarno, Staff Writer

Every year freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors alike elect four classmates to represent their class for the upcoming year. This year Dowling Catholic freshmen watched their classmates’ videos and voted on who they think would best represent them as a class.


The new Freshman Class Officers include President: Roberto Duran, Vice President: Genevieve Brick, Treasurer: Adam Pennington, and Secretary: Adalyn Krueger. Each of these freshmen have many goals in mind. 


“I wanted to run for class officer because I knew that my class could trust me to lead them with good morals and class and know that I could really do something for them,” Duran said.


For many class officers being elected is a rewarding experience. These freshmen love to see that their classmates voted them into a leadership position.


“It boosted my confidence, and that has helped me be myself in my first few weeks at Dowling,” Pennington said.


Having the honor to become a Class Officer can also bring hard tasks, especially this year with COVID-19. These freshmen officers are trying to make the most of their freshman year.


“Some of my goals are to add some more fun or festive activities or dress up days. Lots of events have been cancelled due to the current health crisis, so I will try my best to provide a little bit of fun whenever we can. I aim to make peoples days a bit more joyful even when things are hectic all around us,” Brick said. 


Many incoming freshmen can be nervous for their big step into high school. Krueger felt as this was giving her a sense of normalcy for high school, and was very interested in helping serve her freshman class. 


“I ran for student council all three years in middle school, and I knew class officers were similar to student council, so that made me feel better about knowing what it was and that I had experience in being a part of it,” Krueger said.


Being involved as a Freshman Class Officer helps these students make their school year feel as normal as possible during these uncertain times. These officers are dedicating their time and efforts into bettering their class and Dowling Catholic High School. They are showing off their leadership skills by representing the Class of 2024.