How Miley Cyrus Saved 2020

Release of Cyrus’ “Heart of Glass” cover breaks the internet.


Release page for “Heart of Glass” on Spotify.

Stella Logsdon, Staff Writer/Editor

Our prayers have been answered. 2020, in all of its chaos, may finally have reached a unifying point. A single moment where no matter your upbringing, your political beliefs, your occupation, your social status, it doesn’t matter anymore. You might be wondering, what happened? Answer: Miley Cyrus.


The 2020 iHeartRadio Music Festival took place September 18th and 19th, hosted virtually from Las Vegas, Nevada. Cyrus, one of the headliners for this virtual event, broke the internet with her cover of “Heart of Glass” by Blondie. Sporting her mullet, a sheer black unitard, and Louboutin heels, Cyrus delivered arguably the best vocal performance of the year.


The hype started on TikTok, with a fifteen-second snippet audio of the performance gaining momentum. Twitter soon took over, with the Cyrus fandom flooding timelines with tweets praising their music idol. 


Social media mogul, Emma Chamberlain, provided an example, tweeting, “thinking about miley cyrus’ cover of heart of glass constantly.” 


Due to extreme demand, Cyrus released the live recording from the festival on streaming services on September 29th, 2020. 


Cyrus tweeted out, “Should I drop Heart of Glass on streaming?!” which gained over two hundred and eighty-six thousand likes. 


Closer to home, students here have also been discussing the performance. 


“I’m an avid ‘Bangerz’ listener, and honestly with some of those songs, I kind of get a vibe or hint towards this style of music coming from her. Though she’s never done this specifically, I think she’s been nodding towards it,” Becca Youngers (11) said. 


The praise from students does not hesitate to continue.


“I jumped back into the Miley Cyrus universe recently, after being an avid fan of her Disney persona. This cover has fully solidified that I am in love with her,” Logan Flori (12) said. 


For some, the release of the cover couldn’t come quick enough. 


“Every day I logged into Spotify waiting for someone to upload it as a podcast. She’s so hot! It’s so good,” Lele Nigg (12) said. 


Case and point, do yourself a favor and watch the performance. Listen to it in the shower, in the car, or while doing homework. Cyrus may have just single-handedly brought mainstream popularity back to rock, while adding her own disco-pop twist that is sure to make your day just that much better.