APES Class Gone Fishing

APES maintains its fun and interactive status despite COVID-19, continuing well-known projects

Jake Olson, Staff Writer

While this school year is different than previous years, the one thing that has stayed the same is all of the awesome APES projects. From collecting prairie grass samples to estimating the number of trees on the Dowling Catholic campus, the class maintains the difficult yet fun style. The best project thus far was when the class went out to the Walnut Creek on campus and caught fish to estimate the total fish population of the creek. 


The students faced the cold and brutal winds while stepping into the frigid waters, trying their best to catch as many fish as possible. With the weather sitting at fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit, the class braced for the cold temperatures.


The students had to get into the water and scare the fish into the pre-set-up net held by two students by splashing and making noise. This caused the fish to swim away right into the net. 


After collecting the fish, the students cut the top of the fin without harming the fish, this way they could keep track of any fish the next class would catch again. 


This class maintains exciting, interactive labs and experiments while maintaining the hard difficulty that an AP course has.