Three JV volleyball team members give an inside on their undefeated season


Tora Peterson, Lydia Cleghorn, Sarah Forey, and Anna Miller before one of their early season games.

Talia Schiltz, Staff Writer

As the JV volleyball season is coming to an end, Sarah Forey (11), Tora Peterson (11), and Ellie Carpenter (11) gave us an inside on their season. 


This year the JV volleyball team was full of wonderful girls who are passionate about volleyball. They worked together as a team all season to have an outstanding record of 16-0 with only two matches left. 


“Our JV volleyball season has been going extremely well, we have a great group of girls who love the game and work really hard together,” Carpenter said. 


This season held many wonderful memories for all the members of the team. It was full of fun times and funny moments that they will all remember. For example, Friday olympics and practices that everyone would be in the best mood and have the most fun.  


“During our olympics, we play a game with the resistance bands and you try not to let the other person get across the court by holding them back. But half the time, we all end up dragging each other and it is quite the sight to see,” Forey said. 


All the girls can agree that their freshmen and sophomore seasons were a lot more messing around and learning new things, whereas this year they took on a new role as upperclassmen. This new role comes along with more maturity and putting the new things that they learned the previous years into play. 


“The last few seasons I feel like we were still learning new things like different types of hits and reading the angles, but I feel like this season we have put it all together and used all of our skills that we have learned the last two years,” Peterson said. 


Being juniors this year means that next year they will be the leaders of the team, which is an even bigger role to take on. They have learned how to be the best leaders they can be from the class above them who are so dedicated to this sport. 


“I am looking forward to being a leader within the volleyball environment next year. There have been numerous inspirational girls before us who showed us what it means to lead a team,” Carpenter said. 


During this COVID-19 season, the volleyball season couldn’t be perfect. There was bound to be some downs. 


“We lost two players due to COVID, things were definitely off and a little rough without them,” Peterson said. 


Along with losing two players for a couple weeks, the amount of fans were limited. That took some getting used to, considering the last two years there was no limit on fans.


“I miss seeing the stands full of friends and family. Spectators are very limited this year which makes the atmosphere of the games very quiet and not as exciting,” Carpenter said. 


For the sophomores who are going to be juniors next year, the juniors gave some advice that they learned this year. 


“Have fun with it and enjoy it, but still stay focused on the main goal which is getting better every day,” Forey said. 


Finally, from the bottom of all the girls hearts: a huge thank you to all the coaches and people who helped them become the volleyball players they are today. 


“I’m super thankful for the Dowling volleyball team and for the amazing coaches and players that all push each other to be our best,” Carpenter said. “We are like one big family, centered around Christ,”