Emergence of Social Media Affects Teens

How social media usage is growing concerns for a teacher and student for the well-being of others.


Patrick Feltz, Staff Writer

With the emergence of social media among teens and high schoolers, many people have talked about their concerns and fears with social media. Especially considering teens have a higher chance to be more addicted than adults

“I am not too concerned about social media, because there is always that one new invention that takes over to replace it or lessen its presence. I do have some fear about the election because of polarization associated with social media,” Mr. Miller said.

When talking about if he is concerned with himself being addicted to social media he detests, Mr. Miller says he keeps it in check to make sure it does not take over his production. He is aware of the addiction associated with social media usage.

“At times, I go on my facebook here and there, but never more than twenty minutes, I want to make sure I am not over using my social media,” Mr. Miller said

A teen at Dowling also expressed his concerns about social media usage. He says many teens use social media at the expense of socializing and interrupting their free time.

“I would say everyone is on their phones. Especially during breaks. More people are also on their phones since we no longer need to use phone caddies,” Griesemer said.

Daniel Griesemer has also said at times he can grow addicted to social media. He constantly checks his phone for any new topics or stories from social media. He addresses it can be difficult at times to stop checking, but he can stop the usage whenever.

“I check my phone constantly. But I can stop whenever I want to because I make sure I am not completely addicted to using and checking social media on my phone,” Griesemer said.