Food, Fun, and Freshmen!

Maroon Crew and Council host Freshmen Fun Night on Friday October 9th.

Freshmen boys play a competitive game of Spikeball

Becca Youngers, Staff Writer/Editor

With typical freshman class bonding activities and events being cancelled due to COVID-19 in the first half of the quarter, Maroon Crew and Council members met to discuss what could be made available for the class of 2024.


“Every year the freshmen have a fun event, though usually planned by them. We wanted to give them this opportunity because with the craziness of this year, we wanted them to have a sense of normalcy while getting to know the people that they’ll spend the next four years with,” School Board Representative of Maroon Council, Paige Hobbs (12), said.


One of the Co-Presidents of Maroon Council this year, Max Brown (12), came up with the idea to have Freshmen Fun Night. This idea was pitched during a Maroon Crew and Council meeting held to come up with bonding, interactive, and most importantly safe activities for freshmen.


Freshmen play table tennis under the lights (Paige Hobbs)

The fun night idea had many appeals to it, a few being that it would be easy to coordinate on short notice, easy for freshmen to come to, and upperclassmen would be there to engage them.


“I think the senior class is pretty cool, so who wouldn’t wanna spend time with us. Not to mention a lot of seniors have freshman siblings so that pushed them to come,” Hobbs said.


Planning for Freshmen Fun Night took place in the late weeks of September to early October. Many seniors in Maroon Crew and Council took this as one of their first opportunities to show leadership to the underclassmen while also making them comfortable and welcome here at Dowling. 


“I was very excited! We planned this for a couple weeks and anticipation has been building. I felt horrible that their first year at Dowling has to be like this. I’d hate for them to think this is what Dowling is always like. I was excited to show them the community-oriented and fun atmosphere that Dowling hasn’t been able to provide so easily this year,” Hobbs said.


Freshmen girls pose in front of a Spikeball game (Paige Hobbs)

The Maroon Crew and Council members decided to provide yard games and party games in a safe, socially distanced way. The members main goal was to make the freshmen feel comfortable while also creating an open environment that they could be themselves in.


“We have tons and tons of yard games for them! It’ll be a night full of competing and getting to know not only freshmen but us seniors also. Specifically we’ll have bags, spike ball, football and soccer games, and fun party games like Heads Up,” Hobbs said.


The Freshmen Fun Night took place on Friday October 9th, and was a huge success. When hosting events for freshmen, there is always a concern that the attendance will be low. Fortunately, this was not the case on Friday night.


“It went from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. People showed up early and got right into it. We actually had to start moving the kids to the exits to get them to leave. The freshmen boys had no problem starting their own football game, and the bags station was hopping!” Hobbs said.


Freshmen Boys compete against each other in bags (Paige Hobbs)

All in all, the night was a big event for the freshmen class. They were able to show what kind of class they wanted to be seen as by the upperclassmen; a class that is involved, outgoing, and has a large sense of community already. 


“There were over seventy freshmen who showed up and all were playing games. I think they were having a great time! I saw it as a huge success!” Hobbs said.



The Maroon Crew, Council, and moderators are all in agreement in that they are very excited for the future of these young and bright freshmen.