Trader Joe’s Fall Foods

Trader Joe’s releases classic and new fall foods just in time for festivities


New maple flavored oat milk, dairy free and delicious.

Molly Dryer, Staff Writer

The new pumpkin fall bagels, perfect with their pumpkin cream cheese.

Although it might not feel like it outside, fall has long begun, and stores and restaurants have been quick to adapt to the season. Fall seems to be a fan favorite, whether it be the food, weather, sports, or holidays, most are over-joyed by the season.


Trader Joe’s is the ultimate fall destination, and continues to amaze customers with a new selection of fall foods. They have kept some of the classic fall treats, but also brought some new, unique items to the table this year. Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, or even dessert, they have got you covered.


For breakfast, they’ve got festive bagels, cream cheese, bread, pancakes, and everything in between. Trader Joe’s offers both a pumpkin pancake and bread mix, with easy directions and simple ingredients. Trader Joe’s makes it easy to have something so effortlessly fall in your own home. For the coffee drinkers, they’ve got you covered. With flavored creamers, milk, and new fall flavored coffee, everything is worth a trip to West Des Moines. 


A new frozen meal now offered during fall, pumpkin empanadas.

Fall is all about the crisp air and the cool wind, and nothing goes more perfect with that than a bowl of soup. This year Trader Joe’s released three fall inspired soups. All of them are cream based, but each soup includes a different variety of fall vegetables. Not a big fan of soup? They released a few new types of pasta, including pasta shaped like pumpkins and new frozen dinners.


Snacks are a favorite of everyone, at any time of  year. Trader Joe’s has fall snacks galore with all types of treats ranging all over the sweet to salty spectrum. Some of the favorites this year are all of the new fall ice creams, each one unique in their own way, but all just as good as the next. Trader Joe’s also has many salty options, including popcorn, chips, and pretzels. They’ve also released fall salsas and jams, the perfect companion to any snack.


If you are thinking about going, go now before it’s too late and the new festive items have left the shelves. The store itself is decorated for fall, and is sure to share it’s festive spirit with it’s shoppers. Trader Joe’s has made it very safe to shop during COVID-19, requiring all customers wear masks, and only allowing a certain number of people in the store at a time. With Trader Joe’s as a safe, popular grocery store for all, stop by and give your kitchen a fall reboot.