Spotlight on Mr. Adam Van Ersvelde

Get to know the new P.E. teacher at Dowling


Van Ersvelde at the University of Northern Iowa gym. Photo courtesy of Adam Van Ersvelde.

Stella Logsdon, Staff Writer/Editor

The end of the quarter is quickly approaching, leaving some of us asking where the time has gone. With a new schedule of classes coming our way, students and teachers will once again get the unavoidable first day jitters. Most of us may not even recognize the names that have been on the OnCampus website for months. Dowling has introduced us to a handful of new teachers, including Mr. Van Ersvelde of the Physical Education Department. 


Van Ersvelde graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in the spring of 2020 and now works for the Physical Education Department as an instructor and the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coordinator. 


This year I will be teaching a variety of physical education courses including Weight Training, Personal Fitness, Yoga, and Health,” Van Ersvelde said. 


Van Ersvelde’s interest in physical education comes from his desire to help others. 


“I realized that there are very few professions where you can impact an individual’s overall well-being and see tremendous growth like you can in physical education, health, and coaching,” Van Ersvelde said. 

Van Ersvelde doing what he loves most, spending time outside. Photo courtesy of Adam Van Ersvelde.


Needless to say, physical health is not just something Van Ersvelde preaches, but practices, too.


“I enjoy anything that includes new challenges, competition, and personal growth. Weight lifting, cross training, rock climbing, yoga, running, trail biking, and all other kinds of physical activities,” Van Ersvelde said. 


Outside of the Dowling gymnasium, you can catch Van Ersvelde anywhere he can break a sweat. 



“I love being outdoors and finding new adventures. These are typically how I find new passions of mine like mountain biking, backpacking, rock climbing, fishing, and hunting. Anytime I can introduce a friend to a new adventure is always a good day,” Van Ersvelde said.


All things considered, maintaining an active lifestyle is beneficial for a multitude of reasons, especially for students who may need a method of stress relief. Take the advice of Mr. Van Ersvelde and spend some time outside! If you’re interested in learning more about the classes Mr. Van Ersvelde teaches or if you have any questions regarding physical health, you can reach him via email, [email protected]