First Quarter Finals

Students are starting to prepare and get ready for their tests this first quarter.


Julia Friedrich, Staff Writer

With finals just around the corner, students are taking high measures to make sure they do well this year. 


COVID-19 changed up a lot of things this school year. Finals for the 2020-2021 school year are still happening. With the four-quarter schedule, finals will happen four times this school year.


“I start [to study] a couple days before the tests or quizzes in my room because it’s quiet,” Abby Staun (11) said. 

Abby Staun (11) studying for finals in bed.

Some study habits are using resources teachers have created throughout the quarter. 


“I usually go over my notes and make and look at study guides teachers give out,” Zoe Yamen (10) said.  


Study spots will be a huge difference this year since siblings might be home or parents will be working from home. Like every year, one motivator is failing.


“Just knowing that if I fail, I have to retake the class,” Anthony Cataldo (9) said. 


Even with open-note tests and quizzes, seniors are still planning on studying hard to finish off the quarter strong. Keeping a high grade is also nerve wracking. 


“I’m going to have to study harder and [I’m most nervous for] losing my grade,” Jerry Patterson (12) said. 


Seniors also get to exempt two finals like usual, but this year it will only leave them with taking two finals each quarter. 


“I decided to exempt the two finals that I thought would be the hardest and the ones that would be hard to keep my grade up,” Maddie Wishman (12) said. 


COVID-19 changes a lot of things. With the hybrid schedule, the classroom feels smaller and quieter due to less students in a room at a time. 


“It’s a little weird. There’s not as many people in the class. I have to study hard for the ones I’m taking because I get to exempt two,” Wishman said. 


Students main goal is ending the quarter with high grades. Ending this first quarter with good grades will set the tone for the rest of the year.


“I want to finish these finals off strong and end the quarter with good grades,” Wishman said. 


Dowling Catholic students are motivated to do their best this quarter. They will be ready for their next quarter after they finish this first quarter off strong.