First of Four Quarters Done

Students give insight on their experience with the new schedule this year.


Julia Friedrich and Natalie Bejarno enjoy their last week before finals and quarter 1 is over.

Talia Schiltz, Staff Writer

The first quarter of the 2020-21 school year is officially coming to an end. Dowling students had to adjust to a new schedule this year as they only had four classes at a time versus the previous years where they have had seven. 


This new schedule has made it easier for some as they only had to focus on those four classes only. It has taken away some stress because they didn’t have as much to keep track of and focus on. 


“I don’t feel quite as stressed as I did last year and my time management skills have improved since last year,” Lydia Cleghorn (11) said. 


This quarter, the students took periods one, three, five, and seven. Next quarter they will take two, four, six, and eight. Because it was every other, there was no guarantee that the classes would be evenly distributed. Some students could have had all their hard classes one quarter and all their easy ones the next. 


“I liked having the same classes everyday because I had easy classes, I don’t know if I would if I had harder classes though,” Julia Friedrich (11) said. 


Along with getting used to the new schedule, they also had to get used to doing the hybrid version of school. Students went every other day based on their last name, and if they were home they would call in virtually. 


“I think the hybrid schedule made this quarter easier for me because I got to relax while doing online school and see my friends while at school,” Cleghorn said. 


Students have had the opportunity to learn more about themselves and how they learn because there have been so many new things this year. It has been hard for some as they get distracted while they are at home. 


“I learned that it is very important to get your work done and to avoid procrastinating because we have less time to get our work done this year,” Cleghorn said. 


Students have the choice next quarter to do full online, hybrid, or full in-person. Students are all over the board on what they are choosing, but Cleghorn has decided to do hybrid and Friedrich has chosen to do full in-person. 


“I definitely like the past schedules at Dowling. With COVID this year though, I think this was the best option and it will help me get the most out of my classes,” Friedrich said.