Important Decision

Moving onto second quarter, take a look into students plans for next quarter.


Natalie Bejarno, Staff Writer

Dowling Catholic High School students are just finishing up their first quarter and have a big decision on their hands. Students are given the option to be 100% online, 100% full in-person, or continue with the hybrid schedule. 


There are many factors that go into choosing which decision would be best for each student. For some students, full in-person school is the best option to get rid of all distractions while at home.


“I decided to go all in-person. I feel I can learn more from going in-person and not be distracted at home,” Teddy Friedrich (9) said.


Full in-person isn’t just for helping with the learning, it can also be a plus for social interactions.


“I chose to do it all in-person because I miss seeing my friends that are L-Z,” Megan Frischmeyer (10) said.


Abby Dressen (11), Sarah Forey (11), Julia Friedrich (11), and Lydia Cleghorn (11) all ready for second quarter!

Hybrid is a great option for some students, allowing them to be at home some days while also allowing them to have the in person high school experience.


“I chose to do hybrid because I am a homebody. I love that one day I can relax in comfy clothes while doing online school and the next day I can see my friends at school,” Lydia Cleghorn (11) said.


With all the positives this quarter has brought, it also brings challenges for everyday school life.


“Next quarter I want to improve my management skills because I was procrastinating a lot this quarter,” Cleghorn said.


Dowling students each have their own plans in mind for next quarter. Whatever students choose, teachers are ready to support their students and help keep this next quarter safe and productive.