Spooky Snow Day

Dowling students enjoyed their snow-filled fall break

Cece Villa (12) combines skateboarding with snowboarding on her snowy day off.

Caroline Schultz, Staff Writer

If living in Iowa has taught us anything about the weather, it is to expect the unexpected. Add a dash of 2020 to the mix and anything is possible. However, not many anticipated up to nine inches of snow in the middle of October. Regardless, Dowling students took full advantage of their fall break and enjoyed many of their favorite winter activities right in the middle of Autumn.


With finals coming up, a five day break, and an early snowfall, many students skipped over Halloween and participated in their favorite Christmas traditions. 


“I made hot chocolate and watched Hannah Montana. It was nice to get cozy under blankets. I was bopping Justin Bieber’s Christmas Album,”  Meghan McDonald (12) said. 


Making hot chocolate was a popular project among students, along with baking homemade goodies. 


“We baked s’mores cookies from scratch and drank some hot chocolate,” Kelsey Hoey (12) said. 


Regardless of some’s earnestness to celebrate Christmas early, Halloween was not forgotten by Cassie Rounds (11) and her friends. 


“I went to a friend’s house and made caramel apples and watched Halloween movies. It was weird because we were doing Halloween things, but with all the snow it felt like Christmas,” Rounds said.

Cassie Rounds (11) and friends didn’t leave fun fall traditions behind despite the snow

Seniors had the opportunity to take the ACT Tuesday, so some spent the unofficial snow-day studying. However, Cece Villa (12) was grateful for the extra incentive to go outside and take a study break. 


“I loved the snow day because I was supposed to be studying for the ACT but I decided to enjoy the beautiful trees and go skateboarding. The trees were beautiful, and I am so glad I decided to take some time off studying and enjoy skating in the snow, which is an unusual thing to [do],” Villa said. 


Whether you spent the “snow day” studying, baking, celebrating the holidays, or enjoying the outdoors, many would agree it was a much-needed change in scenery.