“I Believe That We Will Win”


Dowling Catholic Maroons play vigorously against the competition.

Natalia Scales, Staff Writer

As Friday night’s stadium lights start to dim, every game left matters! The playoffs start this Friday, October 23rd, at Drake Stadium. A loss would would mean the end of the season for all. Throughout this year’s season, the only thing on the team’s minds is the next upcoming game, and securing the win. The players are pushing through with everything they’ve got to get the result they want and make it to the Dome, or as some like to call it, ‘home’. 


“When we step on the field, we are there just to get the job done and the result everyone wants,” Zach Schwager (12) said. 


Our student section shouts at the top of their lungs to support the Dowling football team with each successful play. The variety of chants never get old and are always fun to hear, especially when the seniors lead the student section with ‘I Believe’, the chant performed after each Dowling win! Tickets are sold normally this week, as we encourage all to come support, but stay safe while doing so. This means practicing social distancing and wearing masks at all times when we are in the stands. 


“The student section really helps us throughout these games, as they motivate us to win and play the best we can,” Reed Beecher (12) said.


This season’s football team is notorious for their great chemistry, teamwork, and work ethic throughout both games and practices. Every player on the team has had one another’s back through each season they’ve played together. Once the Maroons gain momentum on the field, there is nothing standing in the way from getting the result we all want.


A mid-game pep talk.

“We have a great team this season, and we all want the same thing, which is to win. So, we are pushing one another on and off the field to get that end result and make it to the Dome,” Mack Anderson (12) said. 


The Dowling football team is hoping to receive their eighth consecutive championship title! The student section and parents can’t wait to cheer our team to victory these next few games as the season winds down. The team is working hard during their training to prepare for the tough battles they are facing soon. Needless to say, this team is ready to leave it all on the turf. Go Maroons!