Pumpkin Patches are Out

Pumpkin patches are boring, but a local farm in Norwalk is much more than a pumpkin patch


Young corgi Birdie enjoying the flower beds at Rose Farms

Eleanor Meek, Staff Writer `

Every fall students at Dowling Catholic and across the state alike flock to the pumpkin patch. It’s a classic fall activity, but it can be a bit boring. It’s the same old thing every time. A new take on a pumpkin patch is Rose Farms in Norwalk, IA. 


The greenhouse that holds the pumpkins at the farm

Rose Farms has much more than pumpkins. They have huge flower beds where you can pick your own flowers. They also have chickens and cats to entertain young children, yoga, cooking, art, and many other classes and workshops, but the best part of Rose Farms is the land itself.


It’s a perfect backdrop to your fall Instagram posts and a much needed change from the same old pumpkin patch pictures.  The wide variety of “Insta-worthy” locations make this farm an irresistible offer to any teenage girl. They have a vintage rustic chic to their barns and greenhouse and the flower gardens speak for themselves. 


The main barn at Rose Farms

Driving into the farm, you see a main barn and another small building with a chicken coop and flowers. In the large barn you can buy a variety of products that are from Des Moines workers. For example Abby Gibson, a young entrepreneur from Des Moines, is selling her charcuterie boards at the farm. You can buy coffee to enjoy while walking around along with a multitude of products like earrings, bracelets, dish towels, make up bags, and tote bags.


The farm is a fun place for the whole family. While I visited with my mom and sister we saw people of all ages. Young kids running around with their parents who were enjoying the beautiful day, college students, and teenage girls. Since it is outside, you can also bring your dogs and get some cute pictures with them too.


The farm is family owned by Karri and Patrick Rose, who interact with all the people that come into their adorable farm. They love supporting local businesses and other local farms in Iowa, and they love sharing their 25 acres of land with all the people that come to see them.


Some of the land at Rose Farms

Although its hard to beat the classic pumpkin patch, Rose Farms does in a landslide. It’s a much more personal experience and a great chance to support a local Iowa farm and other local businesses. Not to mention it’s the perfect backdrop to show off your new fall fashion or new haircut on your Instagram. Go check out their site here to learn more about Karri and the Rose farm.