2020 Academic Additions

Reflection of two new Dowling classes this first quarter.


Course descriptions for two brand new Dowling classes in the 2020-21 course book.

Logan Flori, Staff Writer

New year, new classes! Even amidst school year adaptations to COVID-19, Dowling has added multiple interesting class options for students, for example, ‘Dowling 101’ and ‘Nutrition.’ Teachers of these classes reflect on how the class went throughout this first quarter, and students share their input. 


“‘Dowling 101’ is a freshmen required course,” English Teacher Mr. Hall said, “It is a survey course designed to get kids acclimated to Dowling. Teaching what are the people they need to know and the things they need to be successful in a high school class.”


This brand new class is a little bit different from a traditional classroom environment with multiple outside speakers and teachers working to develop a course that benefits freshmen’s Dowling experience. 


“I enjoyed that we had a lot of speakers talk to us,” Clare Carlson (9) said, “I think that it made the class a lot more fun and made it easier to discuss topics.” 


As students give positive feedback on ‘Dowling 101,’ another new class, ‘Nutrition,’ taught by Dowling Swimming and Tennis Coach Spike is sparking students’ interest. 


“In ‘Nutrition’ we break down things that may seem kind of basic but we try to understand the deeper meaning to it,” Coach Spike said, “We learn about the six different nutrients, meal prepping, and a lot of the science behind the foods that are available to us for consumption.”


This intriguing content has no doubt gotten students excited about the new elective, and Coach Spike has high hopes for ‘Nutrition’ at the close of this first quarter.


“Creating curriculum during this first quarter of hybrid has definitely been an adjustment,” Coach Spike said, “I’m really excited to teach the class again second quarter will be awesome to work some kinks out.”


Both of these fresh classes contribute to the variety of options at Dowling for students and are great additions to our school’s already strong academic course list.