The Race to Take The ACT

Dowling Catholic seniors prepare for college and take the ACT


Dates for all the testing for the 2020-2021 school year.

Molly Dryer, Staff Writer

This past Tuesday, Dowling seniors had an optional ACT test day at school. The ACT has always being available to take at Dowling Catholic, but because of COVID-19, it’s been a long time. 


Back in March, Dowling provided a free ACT test to juniors and sophomores, unfortunately the test day was cancelled and has yet to be rescheduled. With colleges and universities wanting applicants to apply, Dowling knew they needed to provide.


Sarah Wicker (11) took the test this past Tuesday, following fall break’s long weekend. It was her first time taking it, and Wicker was eager to test because of the school year moving by so quickly. When the COVID-19 crisis took away the option to test in the summer, many seniors like Wicker knew they needed to act fast. 


“I have never taken the ACT before, it will be my first time taking the test,” Wicker said. 


Dowling Catholic has made the ACT available to all students every year, but this specific test was only available to seniors, to make sure as many seniors as possible could be prepared for college applications and other preparations.


Each student takes the test at different rates, but each session is timed. The students arrived at 8:30 in the morning, and finished testing at 12:15 in the afternoon. There isn’t a lot of studying that can be done, because each test is different. A way the students help themselves is by making sure they get good sleep the night before, and eat a nutritious breakfast before hand. 


“The night before, I will go to bed at a reasonable time and eat breakfast in the morning to make sure my head is in the right mindset,” Wicker said. 


Grab an ACT practice booklet in the counselors office.

Tutors for the students are available, along with test booklets, though some students take the test without studying. Many students use these books to help them study. Luckily, Wicker found an effective way to help her prepare. 


“Studying can really be a challenge for me so I’ve learned to take the information in 15 minutes at a time, and take 5 minute breaks in between,” Wicker said. 


For many Dowling Catholic seniors, this may have been their last time taking the test, or for some, the first of many. Most students prefer to take the ACT the first time by going in blindly, and then a second time to learn what they need to study and how. 


“I am planning to take it at least once, but I will have to see,” Wicker said.


Dowling Catholic is continuing to schedule more dates for the students, and whether you are a senior or an underclassmen, it may  be best to sign up now and get ahead of the college rush.