The Concluding Race

The girls cross country team shares their thoughts on the conclusion of their season and a strong showing at the state meet.


Theresa Tran (12)

The seven girls varsity runners, Maddy Hall (11), Liv Hall (9), Sally Gaskell (10), Lauryn Frerichs (10), Meredith Schultz (10), Megan Wainwright (11), and Riley O’Halloran (12) pose together at the state meet

Logan Flori, Staff Writer

After a season full of trials and tribulations, the Dowling girls’ Varsity Cross Country team stepped up and performed at the State meet. With the future on their minds, some of the runners reflected on their season leading up to the last meet, as well as the race itself.


“We started our preparation for State way back with preseason in July,” Meredith Schultz (10) said. “Ever since then we have been running six days a week and slowly getting ready for State.”


Schultz was a new member of the team this season, and she jumped straight into a rigorous training schedule. Their hard work was all in preparation for the final race, which was originally an uncertainty due to the ongoing pandemic.


“I think we are all just really grateful that we even got a season because we did not know what to expect with COVID-19,” Schultz said. “I feel like we really made the most out of the weird circumstances, for example, instead of the trip to Colorado, we got to do our own little mini camp, which was super fun.”


The fun moments throughout the season amounted to an exciting week to conclude their practices together. 


The week prior to state we had lots of fun surprises that would pump us up,” Schultz said. “We got goodie-bags from parents, we watched motivational videos and had guided visualizations, our parents colored our cars, and lots of other little things,” Schultz said. 


For all of the girls, nerves kicked in during their final week as well. 


“I have to do a lot of mental preparation before races because I get super nervous,” Megan Wainwright (11) said. “It is very nerve racking during the first 400 meters because people go out really fast, so I have to mentally prepare myself.”


Ultimately, the team did not let the pressure of the race get to their heads and were able to finish strong.


“The race went really well!” Liv Hall (9) said. “Everyone contributed a tough effort and did their best. We got 13th in the state and I got 28th overall.”


This stellar performance by the talented freshman and other underclassmen predicted a powerful group of girls for the next few seasons ahead. 


“I’m already excited for state next year, and I can’t wait for the next season!” Lauryn Frerichs (10) said.