A Medieval Night

The Dowling Performing Arts department will be showcasing their talents at their annual Madrigal dinner this week.


Anna Heitzman (11)

Anna Heitzman (11) and Maddy Hall (11) talking with guest at their freshman year Madrigal dinner

Natalie Thomas, Staff Writer

Maddy Hall (11) and Anna Heitzman (11) pose for the camera after their first Madrigal dinner.

The ending of the holiday season and the start of the new year marks many things, but for those involved in the performing arts at Dowling, it means one thing: Madrigal is coming.


Madrigal is a renaissance-themed event that defines the true meaning of dinner and a show. Guests feel like they are truly transported into the renaissance world as the choir performs medieval songs. Performers love this unique chance to showcase their talents for their parents and other guests. 


“I love watching how happy parents are watching their children perform,” Anna Heitzman (11) said. 


 Every member of the choir has their own specific roles in the performance. Underclassmen girls participate in the serving court, and freshmen boys are pages. For upperclassmen, auditions are held to earn a spot in the royal court. The royal court acts out a comedy throughout the night. Maddy Hall (11) has participated in the Madrigal dinner since her freshman year. This year she will be a member of the royal court for the first time after serving for the past two years.  


“As a junior I am thrilled for the opportunity to have a spot on the royal court,” Hall said. 


The memories made have participants coming back each year. Practicing two times a week for two and a half months, members are able to form friendships and bond over their love for the performing arts. Heitzman looks forward to it every year.


 “It’s an amazing opportunity to form new friendships with people from all grade levels,” Heitzman said. 


This year, the pandemic has forced them to turn virtual. On Thursday January 14, the choir will come together to record the performance. Guests will be able to watch the performance online from the comfort of their homes. Even though the dinner won’t be there, the unique experience will. 


“Everything you love about it will still be there,” Hall said.