Grab ‘N Go

Lunches at home made easy, courtesy of the Dowling Cafeteria staff.


Molly Dryer

The Post wishes you happy lunches in 2021 whether you are online or in-person!

Molly Dryer, Staff Writer

Dowling Catholic has made it easy this year to have lunch from home. With COVID-19, everything has changed, especially school and everything that comes with it. Lunch for many kids is a time to socialize and eat some good food in the cafeteria.


For many students, that was taken away this year. Some students have chosen to do all online and don’t have the time to make lunch everyday. Dowling insisted on making it a little easier on everyone, including the parents. 


In September, the lunchroom first offered the lunches, but it hadn’t become popular until recently when students came back to school. The lunches at school are not the only ones free, the pick up lunches offered are as well. 


Inside one of the vegetarian options that Dowling is providing for online students. (Molly Dryer)

The lunches used to be offered to all students whether it was hybrid or all online. Since the recent change in the schedule, lunches are now only offered to students who are fully virtual or to students who learn offsite. 


Signing up for these lunches has never been so easy! You can find it in the Maroon Minute, on OnCampus, or click here to fill out the easy Google Form.


When filling out the form, you can also make dietary requests such as gluten-free, peanut-free, vegetarian, or even low-carb meals. There are still needs that have to be met according the National School Lunch meal requirements, but the cafeteria staff will try and do their best to meet your needs!


When picking up your lunches on Wednesdays, drive up to the cafeteria for an easy and quick stop. Pick up time is between 5 pm and 6 pm.


At home, place the meals in your fridge or freezer after picking them up. When you are ready for lunch, you just have to complete some preparation steps, most of which are instructions provided by the lunch staff, and you have school lunch at home!


Molly Ryan, head of the Cafeteria staff at Dowling, plans to continue this as long as the hybrid and online models are offered. This will insure that students are still receiving the proper nutrition and still getting classic Dowling lunches, despite the difficult circumstances. Sign up now!