A COVID Christmas Break

COVID-19 calls for a different Christmas break than most people are used to.


Kate Moore (12)

Julia Moore (10) accompanied by her family staying healthy on vacation by wearing masks.

Talia Schiltz, Staff Writer

As COVID-19 cases continued to rise throughout December, families were forced to alter their normal Christmas break plans. 


Normally over Christmas break, Addy Smith (11) enjoys going to mass with her family because of the Christmas spirit and joy in the air. 


“Our tradition is going to mass, but we had to watch it on the TV,” Smith said. 


Julia Moore (10) had the blessing to take a trip over break to sunny Arizona. Her family’s break was altered because in the past years they have stayed home. Even though they were away from home, they stayed safe and healthy by taking proper precautions. 


“My Christmas break was fun and relaxing. I traveled to Arizona with my family and we wore our masks and ate outside whenever we went to eat,” Moore said. 


Along with Moore, Olivia Bailey (12) also got the opportunity to take a vacation with her family. Bailey traveled to her home away from home in Florida. In the past years, Bailey has spent break with her grandparents, but for safety reasons, she wasn’t able to. 


“Over Christmas break, my family and I went to Florida. Usually over Christmas break we go to my grandmas, but we couldn’t this year because of COVID,” Bailey said. 


Even though this break was different then usual, Smith still got to participate in some of her favorite activities. As the trip she was supposed to take was cancelled, she did her best to stay positive.


“A positive is that I went snowboarding, and some negatives are that I had to cancel my trip to Colorado, and I couldn’t see my grandma,” Smith said. 


Just like Smith, Moore continued to stay positive although things may not have gone the way she had planned. 


“A positive is that I got to celebrate my grandma’s 80th birthday with my extended family who I haven’t seen in a while,” Moore said.