Ready for College

Find out about seniors’ updated plans for college.


Caroline Schultz

Seniors Caroline Schultz and Paige Hobbs touring Mizzou over break. Photo courtesy of Caroline Schultz.

Sofia Manzano, Staff Writer

With only two more quarters to go and graduation quickly approaching, seniors are preparing to take the next step in their life: college.


A handful of seniors have already decided where they plan to attend college. Additionally, others are keeping their options open to weigh out their choices.


“I haven’t committed yet, but as of right now I’m really considering Loras and Crieghton,” Ellie Coleman (12) said. “I’m still deciding between the two.”


The scholarship process is something seniors know all too well and has been different for each student. The scholarship application process is uniquely different for each senior. 


“For me, the scholarship process included many essays of various lengths, but overall it was pretty easy,” Ella Hollander (12) said.


With COVID-19 cases still rising across the country, seniors are having a difficult time finding available college tours. COVID-19 has proven difficult to schedule college tours since most colleges want to keep everyone safe and socially distanced. 


“I haven’t been able to visit any of the colleges I am applying to,” said Jacob Enloe (12). “I’m a bit nervous to decide what college to go to without knowing what the campus is like in person.”


COVID-19 has also affected the availability of open facilities, leaving fewer opportunities to take the ACT. Many facilities and schools had to be closed due to the deadly virus.


“Due to COVID-19, I didn’t have to submit any test scores which made getting into college a little easier,” Hollander said.


Many seniors already have an idea of what they will be majoring in, but others are still on the fence with theirs.


“I plan on going into the pre-med field, so one of the sciences,” Adowek Ajoung (12). “I’m not sure if that will change as I do find a lot of interest in public policy.”


Seniors still have time to decide where they want to go and many are continuing to explore their options; the possibilities are endless for these bright-minded seniors.

Caroline Schultz (12) and Paige Hobbs (12) take a selfie while on their tour at the University of Missouri. Photo courtesy of Caroline Schultz.