Welcome to Moglea: an Inside Look at the Studio

Take a glance at Moglea, a design studio, that creates modern paper and home goods right here in downtown Des Moines

Sarah Wicker, Staff Writer/ Funny Person

Moglea was founded in 2012 by Chad and Meg Gleason in Audubon, Iowa. Their products consist of notebooks, greeting cards, furniture, stationary, clocks, phone cases and just about anything you can imagine. Most of their products are hand-painted, which gives them that “one of a kind” flare. The products are later then finished with their antique presses where they are cut down, foil stamped, printed, or bound right in the studio.


Moglea greeting cards "YAY BIRTHDAY"
Moglea greeting cards “YAY BIRTHDAY” are the perfect addition to any gift. (Meg Gleason)

“The Moglea line is an ongoing exploration of composition, pattern and color,” Gleason said.


In the fall of 2018, the Gleasons decided to pack their bags and move to a more metropolitan area: Des Moines!


“We were living on a farm at the time in the middle of the country,” Gleason said. 


Two Moglea workers, Mary and Mattea, mapping out some of the ‘Tanager Notebook!’ (Meg Gleason)


Today, their team consists of ten full-time employees and six part-time employees. Everyone has a role to fulfill the Moglea vision that was created back in 2012. 


Every work day at Moglea brings something different. Whether it’s a new design, improvements, painting, packaging, interacting with customers, or collaborating with fellow employees, it is never a boring day at the studio. 



“There is always something to fix or improve, and developing new systems at work occupies a lot of our time. I spend the majority of my time either managing people, fixing problems or managing production at Moglea,” Gleason said. 

Moglea’s ‘Nightfall Notebook’ is perfect for taking notes, journaling, or making to-do lists! (Meg Gleason)


There are many products to choose from, making it  easy to have a favorite. There is truly something for everyone at Moglea.


The swirl notebooks still are shockingly beautiful to me and the team does an amazing job executing the vision I had for them,” Gleason said.  


Moglea’s Valentine’s Day cards are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for anyone! (Meg Gleason)



Come on down to Moglea and check out the studio! The storefront, located in the studio, is home to the products available for purchase at affordable prices. Valentine’s Day is coming up quick, so get your Valentine a gift! You can also find Mogela in West Elm and Anthropologie. Moglea is located at 110 11th St, Des Moines, IA 50309 and is open from 9am to 5pm.


Also find Moglea on Instagram @moglea !