Boys Watching “The Bachelor”

More and more guys flock to this hit TV drama.


Jake Olson, Staff Writer

When I think of the month of January, I think of two things: how I can’t stand the sight of snow anymore and another new season of the world’s most drama-filled reality TV show, “The Bachelor.” “The Bachelor” is on its 25th season and follows a lonely bachelor looking for his bride to be while 32 women compete for his heart. Many people like to flock towards this show, especially women from ages 18 all the way to 60. What many people don’t know is that men, usually from ages 18 to 24, are starting to get more and more invested in the show itself. More and more men are starting to dive into the drama soaked TV show. 


Many people are flabbergasted when they hear groups of guys come together to watch this hit reality series every Monday. Since the audience is typically middle-aged women, this is generally a surprise to most. Some people are asking what attracts these groups of guys to watch and obsess over a show like “The Bachelor?” 


“My favorite thing about this show is just the unnecessary drama two random girls will have. Also, I like picking who I think the winner is gonna be,” Jackson Yurage (11) said. “This season is gonna be very intense.”


More and more boys groups are flocking towards this show like most girls are flocking towards Matt, the main bachelor for this season. Groups are meeting together every Monday at seven o’clock to watch the latest episode. Furious debates occur over which girl will receive a rose or which girl will be sent home. This might be the most diverse audience the show has had yet. We should be embracing these people with open arms and all get ready for what could be the most intense season of The Bachelor yet. Buckle up, because it is gonna be a fun ride.