First Semester Recap

Learn how Dowling students dealt with this unprecedented semester.


Michael Marziano

Junior Michael Marziano’s gained a new hobby first semester: playing the guitar.

Patrick Feltz, Staff Writer

With first semester coming to a close a few weeks ago, it is time to evaluate students’ experience with the new, uncommon hybrid learning that took place. There were some parts of hybrid students that liked, and others that students did not.


“My least favorite point about the first semester, I was exposed to the virus during the second quarter, so I had to become fully online,” Michael Marziano (11) said.


Students had to adapt pretty quickly to succeed in the new hybrid learning schedule in order to succeed and have an efficient semester.


“I have adapted pretty quickly with this hybrid learning. I was able to balance this out with my academics and social life,” Marziano said.


Some students picked up new hobbies during this unprecedented semester. Whether it be musical instruments or new favorite classes, some students tried to make the most out of this semester.


“I picked up a new hobby which was playing the guitar. I found AP language and Composition with Mr. McGuire to be my favorite class due to its rhetoric and analysis lessons we had,” Marziano said.


When comparing the optimism for students, they were either more excited for first or second semester.


“I was more excited for first semester so I could finally see my friends again after the lockdown and quarantine many students across America had to experience,” Marziano said.


When comparing the parts of the learning schedule some students did not like, they were pretty common and typical. For many others as well, the hybrid learning schedule has introduced some apparent cons. One of those cons was clearly the added element of COVID-19.


“Yeah, I got exposed to it first semester and had to go back to fully online, so I could no longer see my friends for a while, even though I tested negative. That was another part of COVID that I really struggled with and did not like, but I got through it,” Marziano said.