Dowling On Ice!

Maroons take on Winter Formal (safely) in an all-new event this coming February.


Becca Youngers

Flier displaying information on the upcoming Winter Formal event: “Dowling on Ice!”

Meghan McDonald, Staff Writer

As the new year comes and goes, Dowling Catholic upperclassmen prepare for the event of the winter season: Winter Formal. This year’s theme, “Dowling on Ice,” communicates a very different message from years past. Students will be swapping out their formal dresses and tuxes for warm coats and mittens as they “skate the night away” at Metro Ice Sports Facility in Urbandale.


This brings new change for returning seniors. Kate Moore, senior class president, offered hopeful insights to the Post.


“I know this year has been tough on everyone with the social deprivation caused by COVID, so Maroon Council is hosting an informal “Winter Formal” event where you can ice skate, play games, talk to friends and really just have fun!” Moore said. “The best part is you don’t need to spend time worrying about dressing up, you just put on your coat! This one of our last chances to get together as a class, so I encourage everyone to go and enjoy the fun activities with your friends!”


Metro Ice Sports Facility is bringing the fun with providing volleyball, soccer, food and drink by the fire, music, and a coronation of the Winter Formal king and queen. Masks will be required and measures will be taken to maintain social distancing. Jeison James (12) offered a positive insight into the event.


“I can’t wait for everyone to show out and skate hard *skate emoji*,” James said.


Fresh eyes bring new perspectives. Anna Heitzman (11), has never been to a school dance before.


“Although it’s a bummer that this year a dance was not an option for a winter gathering, I am really excited to see all of my classmates in a setting other than school. It sounds like staff is working to create a fun and festive atmosphere to have somewhat normalcy in the midst of a pandemic,” Heitzman said.


As stated on the poster, this is not a dance, it is an event. Save the date for February 6th, 8-10 P.M.. Tickets will be on sale the first week of February. Check out the flier above for more information, and be sure to fill out your ballot for king and queen candidates. Happy winter, maroons!