Halfway There

How students are feeling halfway through the school year.


Natalia Scales

The Post sends good luck and productivity to all students this coming quarter.

Natalia Scales, Staff Writer

As students have started returning to school they have had to follow different rules and regulations put in place to keep the school as healthy and safe as possible. These rules have affected the students in different ways. As we hit the halfway mark in the school year students are starting to try to get back into the school routine. 


“My school year has gone pretty good so far as we are all able to be back in the building and I get to see all my friends,” Morgan Raedeker (9) said. 


Starting off the third quarter students still have the option to either stay an all online student and learn virtually, or an all in person student and be able to come to school everyday. Most are excited that the school has opened back up after winter break as they get to see their friends and fall back into the normal routine they are so used to doing. 


“I really like the opportunities they are still providing for us during these crazy times, an example being still having club meetings after school,” Meredith Schults (10) said. 


After winter break people were debating whether we would be able to return back to the building or not. The students were able to get back in the building starting the third quarter but each day is evaluated closely as we try to keep the numbers down for positive covid tests to be able to keep students in the building. Many students explained how being in the building helps them learn and focus better than being online. They are able to ask their teachers questions easier and go to them for help during the day if they need it. 


“I like being at school because it is easier to interact with the teachers and get help a lot easier,” Betzy Sandoval (9) said. 


The Dowling administration has tried hard to keep the school as safe as possible as they make sure masks are on correctly, providing hand sanitizer all around the building, splitting up the lunches so not as many people are in one room at a time, and cleaning down desks after every period. They want to be able to finish off the school year strong and make sure the students feel safe in their environment. Dowling hopes to stay in person throughout the third and fourth quarter letting the students finish out their high school year.


“I think the school does a really good job with keeping everything clean and I am happy we are able to be in the building as we start the third quarter,” Paige Hobbs (12) said.