Back to Reality

Students are welcomed back to school every day with the new all in-person schedule.


Talia Schiltz

The halls of Dowling are finally full again, just as they have been in the past years.

Talia Schiltz, Staff Writer

As second semester and quarter three started at Dowling, the administration made the decision to bring all the students back to all in-person. Students are required to come to school every day, unless they have chosen to virtually attend class every day. 


Students have different opinions about being back to semi-normal, but a lot of students have enjoyed seeing their friends and being more productive. 


“I hope we don’t go back to hybrid and have it as all in-person for a while… all online is nice until you want to be productive,” Adam Wright II (11) said. 


Being a new student this year at Dowling, it has been harder for Wright to get to know other people. Being back in-person has helped him to meet new people and make new friends. 


“Some pros are that I actually learn, get work done, and meet new people,” Wright said. 


Julia Friedrich (11) was happy to get some normalcy back into her life. She has enjoyed seeing her friends and being in the classroom in order to actively learn from her teachers. 


“My first week back to school all in-person was so fun; I finally got to see my friends and life started to feel more normal,” Friedrich said. 


Some students have different opinions on the new schedule. Even though this is how school has been in the past years, many students were adapted to the hybrid schedule from last semester. 


“My first week was good, but I am very tired and it’s very crowded in the halls… I prefer hybrid,” Paige Richard (11) said. 


Things seem to be going well so far for both the staff and students, and there is no intention of switching things back to hybrid for now. The schedule has been good for people to engage in classes and interact with others more. 


“I hope we can stay 100% in-person. I think everyone enjoys it more and learns better when they’re at school. It’s just one thing closer to being back to normal again,” Friedrich said.