Ready to be Upperclassmen

The sophomore class is already preparing for their junior year by registering for future classes.


Natalie Bejarno

Julia Moore (10) perfecting her schedule while registering for her junior year classes.

Natalie Bejarno, Staff Writer

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the 19th and 20th of January, sophomores headed to the auditorium, ready to register for classes that signify the end is in sight.. Going into junior year, many sophomores have classes in mind that they are hoping they can fit into their schedules next year. 


“I’m really excited to take Journalism because it is something I feel like I haven’t gotten the chance to do yet,” Ally Anderson (10) said.


Along with the positive things that come along with being an upperclassman, junior year has a big reputation. Jack Power (10) along with many other sophomores seem to dread the thought of their junior year, scared of what it might bring.


“APLAC (AP Language and Composition)  is one of the classes I am most nervous for because it will be my first AP class,” Jack Power (10) said.


There can be lots of fear that comes with registering for classes, but there is also lots of excitement. Elective classes are a great way for students to personalize their schedules. These electives can be a way to find out what a student may be interested in for the future. It also gives students the opportunity to take a break from regular core classes and take classes that they may have further interest in. 


“I’m really excited for DC Singers, now that I am more familiar with what I am doing,” Power said.


Most sophomores are hoping for a fresh start and new opportunities come next year. Finally emerging as upperclassmen, this can feel like a big change for most, but also a new and exciting role. The sophomores are ready to leave behind being underclassmen and fill the shoes of being upperclassmen. 


“I am really looking forward to junior year and to finally be an upperclassman!” Anderson said.


Sophomores are excited to see how next year plays out, and they are ready for the change of atmosphere while no longer being underclassmen. These new classes certainly call for new opportunities for the class of 2023.