Kairos Continues!

As the new year begins, so does the renewal of Dowling Catholic’s Kairos retreats for juniors and seniors, COVID-safe edition.


Logan Flori

Mary Brown (12), Karleigh Osborn (12), Kelsey Hoey (12), and Peyton Dueling (12) rep their Kairos gear, featuring the classic Jerusalem cross.

Logan Flori, Staff Writer

After a year of disappointing cancellations, the Kairos retreat is back in action this weekend, with a few changes in the name of safety. 


Juniors and seniors alike have anticipated the opportunity to grow in their faith this year.


“There’s so much mystery and so many unknowns about the retreat,” Lashley Bitting (11) said. “I can’t wait to get closer to God and finally know what it’s all about!”


Nerves and excitement are common sentiments among future retreatants; the Kairos hype is real. 


“I’m a little nervous,” Caroline Schultz (12) said. “but I’m trying to keep an open mind so that I can have a fun and fruitful retreat.”


Past retreatants are similarly looking forward to the return of Kairos with many seniors gearing up to take on a leadership role this year.


“Leading a Kairos retreat is going to be very different than attending as a retreatant,” an anonymous senior leader said. “It’s a great opportunity to watch others experience God and be vulnerable, while also spending a weekend reflecting on my own faith.”


Alongside senior leaders, Mrs. Sheaff has been methodically prepping to recreate the retreat experience in a COVID world.


“I’m ready to bring some normalcy back. I’m ready for people to be excited about something, excited about Jesus,” Mrs. Sheaff said.


The possibility of changes to Kairos have sparked some anxiety for some future retreatants; however, Mrs. Sheaff has reiterated the only true shift is the change of scenery.


“The core of the retreat hasn’t changed, and it never will,” Mrs. Sheaff said. “The impact we can have on people’s hearts, and the impact those hearts can have on other people will be exactly the same,” Mrs. Sheaff said.


Many students are offering prayers and well-wishes for the hearts of those attending upcoming retreats. 


“We are very excited to welcome some newbies to our Kairos community,” Max Brown (12) said. “They’re in for a treat.”