Winter Whereabouts

Dowling Catholic students have been staying busy during this long, cold winter.


Natalie Harshbarger

Harshbarger (10) and Nicole Pedersen (10) cheering on the sidelines for football while staying safe.

Molly Dryer, Staff Writer

Winter in Iowa can be challenging, and with COVID-19, things have been harder for everyone. For Dowling students, its a matter of trying to stay safe while still having fun in this frigid winter weather. 


For many students, having fun involves things like driving around to pass the time, but Des Moines is only so big. There is only so much to do before you get bored. So what have Dowling students been up to, anyways?


Jeison Jaimes (12) goes ice fishing with his friends. (Jeison Jaimes)

Jeison Jaimes (12) has been actively using the snow to his advantage. With the end of the cross country season came an ongoing desire to stay outside and stay active. Whether it’s been sledding with friends or ice fishing on different lakes around Des Moines, he’s been sure to stay active outside.


For many students like Jaimes, the end of sports seasons came with the realization that they would need something to fill their time. However, some students are now starting their winter and spring training for various sports. 


Riley Berns’ (11) weeks have been filled with soccer. Berns is happy that soccer finally started and that all the team is staying safe while training.


“Soccer started after we got back from winter break, and we will keep doing off season training until our season starts after spring break,” Berns said.


Harshbarger facetimes her friends to keep in touch and stay safe. (Natalie Harshbarger)

Sophomore Natalie Harshbarger has been a cheerleader since freshman year, and she has been occupying her time with practice. When she’s not at practice for either competition or school cheer, Harshbarger has been FaceTime calling her friends. 


“I’ve been FaceTiming my friends! That way we are socially distanced and staying safe from COVID,” Harshbarger said. 


Regardless of what new activities are filling their time, it can be said that all students agree they wish things would go back to normal.


Although winter festivities aren’t what they’ve been in years past, DCHS students are working to make 2021 a bit better than 2020.