What to Watch on Netflix

Check out some movies and TV shows on Netflix that Dowling students have recommended!


Natalia Scales

A look into Dowling students’ personal recommendations on what to watch on Netflix

Natalia Scales, Staff Writer

Are you sick at home, bored on the weekend, or just looking to watch something with family and friends on Netflix?  No need to look any further! Here are a few shows and movies that are trending on Netflix that you will love! 



The first show, that is massively popular on Netflix right now, is called “Bridgerton”. “Bridgerton” is best described as a mix of “Gossip Girl” and “Downton Abbey”, so if you enjoy those shows, you are sure to love this. This show is based off a novel written by Julia Quinn, and follows a mysterious woman named “Lady Whistledown”. She begins writing about the new gossip, romances, and everything that goes on during the Regency Period in England. This takes place in London’s high society. All that being said, is definitely one of those shows that will have you hooked.


“This show is so awesome. I binge watched it all in two days,” Paige Hobbs (12) said.



The next show is called “Ozark”, and it is consistently one of the most popular TV shows to stream. This show resembles a bit of “Breaking Bad”, so if you have watched and enjoyed that, this is a great recommendation. “Ozark” starts off with the main character, Jason Bateman, and his seemingly crumbling life. Along with that, he and his family are forced to move to Chicago to the Ozarks. They start a money laundering business after he discovers his longtime business partner is involved with Mexican drug cartels and has access to a lot of money. Bateman and his family dive find themselves digging deeper and deeper into the criminal world. The show is very thrilling, contains many plot twists, and is definitely a show you should check out if you haven’t yet. 


“This is the kind of show that once you start it you want to keep watching to see what happens next, and it keeps you engaged the whole time,” Reed Beecher (12) said. 



Last to watch on Netflix is a film titled “Nightcrawler”. The plot follows the main character, Louis Bloom, who is hardly surviving off of petty crime. He starts off in the movie desperate for work, and is very driven to find something to do in this high speed world. He finds a career in crime journalism, where he films crimes and sells the footage to various people. Bloom goes around town searching for gruesome and shocking crimes. Because of this, a news director takes interest in Bloom, as an effort to raise the TV station’s ratings. Bloom is forced to go past his limits in trying to succeed and obtain the perfect “money shot”, but might be digging his own grave in doing so.


“I got really into this movie and found it so interesting the whole time. I definitely recommend it to anyone who needs something to watch,” Ava Taiber (12) said.