Bowlin’ With the Boys

It’s bowling season, and the Dowling Catholic boys team is putting up high scores and share how the sport of bowling works.


Logan Flori

The Post wishes the boys bowling team good luck going into post season play.

Logan Flori, Staff Writer

The Dowling Catholic boys bowling team is currently at the height of a competitive season. Their recent claim to fame in the school community is Senior Owen Brauch’s near perfect game. The boys’ season and the sport itself has now piqued student’s interest. 


Though some may be familiar with the recreational aspect of bowling, the formal sport possesses a more specific ritual.


“Bowling meets consist of two rounds. Round one is two games. Six bowlers bowl straight individuals with ten frame scoring. The top five bowlers go on to bowl in round two,” Dowling Team Coach Judy Svendsen said.


Round two is also referred to as the baker round, which includes five baker games, all equal to one game but with each bowler alternating turns bowling a frame. At the conclusion of the meet, scores for each round are accumulated and the team with the highest score is victorious. 


With an understanding of the sport in mind, Brauch’s recent performance becomes all the more impressive.


“During my almost perfect game, I wasn’t too nervous until about my eighth strike in a row,” Brauch said. “When I went back to sit down after that eighth bowl, it set in that I could actually get a perfect game.”


Brauch narrated his adrenaline rush as each bowl hit the pins ahead. 


“I knew I missed right when the ball came out of my hand,” Brauch said. “I was disappointed, but still happy with my score of 288.”


While Brauch barely missed the mark of a perfect score of 300, his skilled close-call is indeed memorable and worthy of distinction.


“Coach Brown and I stood back and watched [Owen bowl] from a distance,” Mrs. Svendsen said. “We did not want to add extra stress. It’s very exciting to see what he and his teammates can do as we head into post season play.”


As post season nears, keep an eye out for opportunities to watch the team in action.


“Students will possibly be able to watch upcoming meet via a link for the Conference and State Qualifiers,” Mrs. Svendsen said. “Watch the school’s social media for more information.”