Take a look at Dowling Catholic swimmer, Mary Martin, and her plans for collegiate level athletics.


Katie Martin

Mary Martin dressed in the University of Georgia gear where she is planning on attending to swim next year.

Natalie Bejarno, Staff Writer

Mary Martin (12) has been swimming since she was eight years old, and she recently announced her verbal commitment to swim and study at the University of Georgia. Martin has been dreaming of getting into the position she is in for years.


“I love being a part of a team and always working to achieve new goals or personal bests, so I always knew I wanted to swim in college,” Martin said.


When deciding on a school, Martin was given the opportunity to visit many colleges before choosing her home for the next four years. 


“I really enjoyed visiting the University of Kentucky, which was a great school. But at Georgia, I loved the campus and they have a fast, successful swim team along with good academics,” Martin said.


Committing to a school is a big accomplishment in life. Martin’s family played a big role in her journey, especially her dad. 


“My dad played sports in college and has always said how much fun he had, so I wanted the same experience. He always encourages me to be my best self in everything I do inside and outside the pool,” Martin said.


Having to work hard is a big factor to be able to succeed in a sport, Martin could not have done this without the constant help and support of her coaches. 


“My coaches have worked with me for many hours on technique fixes and race strategies, and I am so thankful that I’ve gotten to spend time with all of them,” Martin said.


Martin is working hard while in-season as well as off-season. She is wanting to be the best she can be by holding herself accountable and taking little to no time off.


“I lift weights and will swim on a club team during the summer so I can be in my best shape for my first college season!” Martin said.


Martin has been training for many years to become a college athlete. Her many successes in high school prepared her for her college career. Many of her past successes were just the beginning of her new goals set for her college career.


“I am hoping to drop time from last year and qualify for the SEC Championships, but I’m also hoping that my team places high at the NCAA’s,” Martin said.


College athletes are continuously challenged by having to balance school and sports. In Martin’s case, becoming a new college athlete can bring other challenges or fears. However, Martin is ready to dive into the world of college athletics with the help of her teammates.


“I am a little nervous about the high intensity training, plus the school work that I will be taking on, but everyone is in the same boat that I am, we are all in it together!” Martin said.


Every new adventure can come with nerve wracking thoughts, but it also comes with exciting new experiences that are on the way.


“I am so excited to move down to Georgia and finally meet all of my new teammates and coaches!” Martin said.