Super Bowl Excitement

With the Super Bowl coming up, many families are deciding with what to do for the anticipated game


Patrick Feltz, Staff Writer

The Chiefs will be playing the Buccaneers on February 7th on a Sunday in the highly anticipated matchup.


Many individuals are excited for the upcoming event as well as other perks when watching the game.


“When it comes to the Super Bowl, I am most excited to hang out with my family while watching it. Our family is going to make some cheese dip and have chips, so it should be a fun game,” Ryan Bagenstos (11) said.


As well as the many football games that we have seen all year, it can be exciting to see the best of the best go against each other in an anticipated game.


“I can’t wait to watch the best QB’s go against each other.I hope the Buccaneers win to dethrone the Chiefs, but we will see,” Bagenstos said.


There are many things to be excited about the Super Bowl when watching it on TV besides watching only the game, as there are other venues that can come along when watching the Televised game at home versus in person.


“I am also excited to watch the Super Bowl Halftime Show and the commercials that come along in it. It is overall a fun sporting event to watch,” Bagenstos said.


Unfortunately, the playoffs have not treated some people the best when it comes to not seeing their favorite teams in the biggest game of the NFL.


“Unfortunately, my favorite football team, the Vikings, did not make the playoffs and did not get to see them play in the postseason. So hopefully I can get a bit over that when watching the Super Bowl,” Bagenstos said. “It can be painful at times since the Vikings have’t made the playoffs in five or so years ago, so hopefully that can also change and I will get to see them in the Super Bowl sooner rather than later.