Freshman Onto Sophomores

Freshman finally get the chance to sign up for their sophomore year classes.


Talia Schiltz

Freshman with last names A-K pack the auditorium to sign up for their sophomore year classes.

Talia Schiltz, Staff Writer

This week at Dowling Catholic, the freshman registered for their sophomore year classes. Some are overjoyed for freshman year to be over, and some are nervous for sophomore year to begin. Freshmen are optimistic about what the next year might bring to them including Morgan Raedeker (9). 


“When I think about being a sophomore next year, I feel excited and hopeful for what my sophomore year will hold,” Morgan Raedeker said. 


Raedeker is both excited and nervous for the classes she signed up to take next year. Raedeker plans to take some classes that are very popular among the Dowling students. 


“A few classes I signed up for that excite me are, Journalism, Psychology, and Film Appreciation,” Raedeker said. 


Along with all other students, Raedeker is nervous about what being a sophomore might actually be like. Sophomore year includes higher level classes and officially not being the youngest in the school anymore. 


“… one class I am especially nervous for is Advanced Chemistry,” Raedeker said. 


Overall, Raedeker is excited about her next future classes for next year and all the things that next year might include. 


“I am excited to explore more at the school and get to know everyone a little bit better,” Raedeker said. 


Along with Raedeker, Kenzie Dean (9), is also very excited for next year and to see what the future brings to her. 


“I am really excited for next year. Now that I know my way around the school, it will be easier to find my classes. I am also looking forward to the volleyball season next year!” Dean said. 


Dean is beyond happy for the classes that she is going to take next year, but she couldn’t say she isn’t a little bit nervous. 


“One of the classes I signed up for for next year is Art and Design. This class sounds exciting because it will be fun to learn new skills, and it will be a fun hands-on class. One class that I am nervous to take is Chemistry. I am most nervous for this class, but with the teachers we have at Dowling, I don’t doubt everything will go smoothly!,” Dean said.


As the freshmen, soon to be sophomores, will now have a grade below them, it will be their job to help guide the freshman and make them feel comfortable at their new school. 


“I am excited to help the freshman find their way around and make them comfortable,” Dean said.