Performances Persevere

Dowling is getting prepared for the spring musical


Molly Dryer

Dowling Catholic presents High School Musical.

Molly Dryer, Staff Writer

Every spring, Dowling students gather together to celebrate their talents through the school musical, and with “High School Musical” as this year’s show, many students are thrilled. This is a very exciting time for students to show off their musical and performing abilities. Last spring, these students were stripped of the musical and had to say goodbye to the work they had been putting in due to COVID-19. This year will not be a repeat of the last.


The musical directors were set on hosting a production this year and knew that students would appreciate it just as much as they would. Due to COVID-19, the directors decided to make the performance virtually accessible but still give the students a full experience.


For some students like Olivia Hall (9), this is their first time auditioning. Others are veterans by now. Regardless of experience, there are definite nerves that come with auditions with the lingering excitement of knowing that they will get to perform this year. 


“This is my first time auditioning for the musical,” Hall said. “I am very excited to have musicals and performances again. It’s been so long since anyone has gotten on stage, and I am eager to possibly be a part of it!”


“High School Musical” was a part of many childhoods, and to bring that nostalgia to the stage is a thrill. Students were very excited to hear that this year’s musical would be something so memorable for themselves and something they had always dreamed of. 


“I have always loved ‘High School Musical’ since I was little, and it’s what helped me love Broadway, musicals, and singing in general,” Mackenzie Royal (11) said. 


For all students, auditions can be a lot of stress, but most auditioning students are already in choir and have had some opportunity to prepare. Whether you’ve had experience in the past or just want to try something new, the musical is for you!


“I’ve auditioned and participated in the musical since my freshman year,” Maddy Hall (11) said. “I’ve been doing musicals and play for as long as I can remember and have participated in all school productions available to me as I’ve gotten older.”


For both Hall and her younger sister, Liv Hall (9), this is like a dream come true, considering that since childhood, they’ve been singing and acting along to the “High School Musical” movies. Along with the other students, it feels amazing to get the opportunity to perform the musical after facing unknown circumstances for months.


Auditions are this week (February 1-5). Sign up in the 1000s hallway if you’re interested! This could be the start of something new, so get your head in the game and be sure not to miss this special experience.