Dowling’s own Liv and Maddy


Liv Hall

Liv (9) and Maddy (11) Hall pictured together when they were little, just as close as they are now

Natalie Thomas, Staff Writer

Sisters Liv and Maddy Hall have become a dominating duo in both the performing arts and the cross country team. Liv (9) and Maddy (11) have had major success and will continue to leave their mark on Dowling together. 


Growing up in a close knit family, they have grown to have the same interests with Liv following in Maddy’s footsteps. Maddy became well-known within the performing arts department immediately by being one of the few freshmen who made Dimensions Show Choir. She then landed a huge role in the spring musical her freshman year and continued making her legacy her sophomore year. This year it’s all different because her younger sister, Liv, has joined her. Liv and Maddy worked hard during quarantine to help prepare Liv for her dimensions audition, hoping that they would be able to be on the team together. When decisions came out, the Hall house was filled with smiles. 


“Watching Liv’s face when she found out she made Dimensions is one of my favorite memories,” Maddy said. 


With all the success in the performing arts, the Halls have shown that music isn’t the only thing in their blood, running is. Maddy has been a force to be reckoned with since her freshman year, but sophomore year, she broke down her walls and became unstoppable on the girls’ cross country team. Maddy placed third in the Colorado El Muerte race, a two mile team race up a mountain, her summer going into her sophomore year and she just kept improving. Leading a spot of the state team that year. This year when her sister Liv joined cross country, they became even more unstoppable.


The first race of the season could not have gone better. Liv surprised everyone with running first on their team and placing fourth overall. Maddy helped her along the way, showing her the ropes and calming her nerves before the race so they both could perform to their best of their abilities. 

Liv (9) and Maddy (11) Hall pictured at the 2020 state cross country meet (Liv Hall)

“The only person I want to see when I cross the finish line is Maddy,” Liv said. “She had been there for every challenging practice and the one to calm my nerves. When I saw her after the race she hugged me so tight even though I was all sweaty. It was the best feeling in the world.”  


This sister duo led the cross country team to the state meet this year, keeping the 15 year streak alive. It’s very unusual that sisters are able to compete on the same team and make it to the state championships. That experience was something they will never take for granted. 


“Being on the state cross country team together was so fun. We got to work together for the team while also working for each other. We held each other accountable each step of the way and worked hard to earn out spots,” Maddy said. “Getting through a whole season as varsity members was a crazy, rewarding experience.” 


Liv  was able to break out of her shell and place 27th at state running a 19:35 and being first on the team, with Maddy right with her along the way.  


“When I was shaking with nerves on the car ride there, I knew Maddy was there doing this with me,” Hall said. “She’s the strong one, the one who makes me the most confident in myself.”


With all the success, there is always going to be some pressure, but they always have each other. With one more year together, these sisters are destined to become two of Dowling’s biggest assets. 


“Doing it all together has been the best thing that ever happened to us, ” Maddy said.