Hobbies Turned Into Businesses

Lauren Schroeder takes her hobbies to the next level.


Lauren Schroeder

Some of Schroeder’s favorite ring creations.

Natalie Bejarno, Staff Writer

Everyone has their favorite hobbies and interests. For Lauren Schroeder (11), making rings has become something that takes up most of her free-time.


Some of Schroeder’s favorite things include jewelry and TikTok, and lucky for her, both of these things have become a great way for her to start her own mini business.


“I have literally 200 rings, and I have always loved jewelry, I was like, ‘wouldn’t it be fun to make my own?’ I had talked to my friends about wanting to make my own jewelry, and so for Secret Santa, my friend bought me the stuff for it,” Schroeder said.


Not shortly after, Schroeder started making rings for herself and her friends. This became something she found to really enjoy. 


“People found out I was making rings because I have a TikTok account, and I post every thought that comes into my head. I posted a video of me making the rings and just talking about myself. People really liked them so I started selling them,” Schroeder said.


Not only are the rings a great thing for Schroeder to do in her free-time, they are also a great gift idea for others.


“I think I’ve made like 20 to 25 rings, I don’t really remember. I mean that’s just [the rings] I’ve sold but I’ve made like 10 for myself and given them as gifts,” Schroeder said.


Schroeder has begun to take much pride in making her rings. 


“My favorite part about [making rings] is when I make one and then I see that person like walking around in the hallway with it on. I just can’t believe it because I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh I made that, and it’s on their fingers.’ It’s just really fun to see,” Schroeder said.


Schroeder has had many thoughts on starting to make new forms of jewelry. Even though making rings is a fun hobby for Schroeder to participate in, it has become very time consuming and challenging. 


“The hardest thing is honestly just finding the time because I am pretty busy. If I ever started making other jewelry I would probably just make different types of rings. I have a bunch of ideas saved, but again, I just don’t really have the time,” Schroeder said.


Lauren Schroeder’s work space with all the materials to make a ring. (Lauren Schroeder)

Schroeder hopes that in the future she can find the time to start her own business. 


“I could definitely see myself doing this forever because I swear I’m obsessed. For right now, I would probably continue only selling it to people I know just because if I were to start an Etsy or something, I feel like it would take up a lot of time, and I would get really stressed, but it’s really fun, so I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon,” Schroeder said.


Information to reach out to Schroeder

The best way to reach me is to go to my TikTok @laurenschro or Instagram account @lauren24schroeder 

Just comment on one of my videos, and then I’ll reach out to you, give you my number, and we can talk about making you a ring!