Valentine’s Day Treats from Trader Joe’s

A review of a few treats from Trader Joe’s to celebrate the Valentine’s season.


Talia Schiltz

A few of Trader Joes Valentines Day treats.

Talia Schiltz, Staff Writer

It’s officially Valentine’s season! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, stores have come out with treats to celebrate. Specifically, Trader Joe’s has multiple different desserts for you to treat yourself and loved ones with. These treats include their “Chocolate Mousse Cake,” “Raspberry Mousse Cakes,” “Raspberry Hearts,” and much more. 


Today, I tried some of their treats, and I started off with the “Chocolate Mousse Cake.” This cake was rich with chocolate flavor. It was a layered cake with chocolate mousse on the inside. It was covered with a nice chocolate frosting with a cute pink heart on the top. To make the cake even cuter, the cake was made in the shape of a heart. I would recommend this to any chocolate lovin’ people, who want to treat themselves with a nice affordable mini cake. 


Next, I tried the “Raspberry Mousse Cakes.” These cakes were mini, bite-sized vanilla cakes with a little bit of raspberry mousse on the top. They were covered with a raspberry flavored pink frosting and topped with a cute green design. They tasted amazing! I would recommend these mini cakes for you and your friends to share if you think you might enjoy a sweet, raspberry treat. 


Finally I tried the “Raspberry Hearts.” These shortbread cookies were two heart shaped cookies with raspberry jam spread in the middle of them. They are perfect for a small treat, but they are also not a sweetness overload. The shortbread cookie paired nicely with the spread in the middle to balance out the sweetness of the raspberry. I would highly recommend these raspberry cookies, especially if you enjoy shortbread cookies, these will be right up your alley. 


Trader Joe’s had a whole table full of treats to pick from, so if none of these sound good to you, I’m sure they have something else that will! All in all, if you are looking for affordable treats to celebrate this Valentine’s season, head over to Trader Joe’s to get your sweets today!