Second-Hand Steals

Read all about why thrifting is a fun and sustainable activity to participate in.


Sofia Manzano

Senior Sarah Wicker finding some amazing second-hand steals at Salvation Army.

Sofia Manzano, Staff Writer

Thrifting, an activity that is environmentally friendly, and has grown popular with young people. Thrifting is an amazing way to get second-hand items and give them another chance to be used.


There are a variety of different thrift stores to shop at, each having its own unique qualities. With thrifting, you don’t have to shop at just one store as it’s much more fun to discover the different items in each store.


“My number one place to go thrifting is Goodwill as they have a fair selection of items. Vintage stores are also super cool and fun to explore like Atomic Garage in Valley Junction where you can rent and buy clothes,” Katherine Kunz (12) said.


The fun part about thrifting is finding clothing that speaks to you, with many students discovering clothing that they can also customize to their liking.


“Typically when I thrift, I look for things that I’m going to get good use out of, like sweatshirts or big shirts,” Stella Logsdon (12). “But, that’s not to say I won’t gravitate toward some quirky things I think I can up-style to fit me.”


Others thrift without looking for anything in particular, and they have a good time looking through all the options available to them.


“I don’t usually thrift for a specific clothing item,” Riley O’Halloran (12) said. “I just like searching for cool finds to add to my closet.”


When thrifting, it’s important to give back to the community by donating items to thrift stores. It’s the donations that allow thrift stores to continue the mission of serving the community and those around you. 


“When I clean out my closet every now and then, I usually give those extra items to thrift stores,” Melanie Martinez (12) said. “ I find it really amazing that I have the ability to give an item to a family who may not be able to afford it.”


 Thrifting has numerous benefits: it reduces the need for the production of new clothes, doesn’t contribute to the harmful fast-fashion industry, and recycles resources, just to name a few. 


“By buying second-hand, you can save money yourself and also avoid giving your money into an unethical company,” Kunz said.


So, head on down to your local thrift store and participate in a fun activity, while also helping the environment and community.

Seniors Sofia Manzano and Caroline Thompson pose for a selfie while thrifting (Sofia Manzano)