Peer Ministry Planning

Peer Ministry planned long and hard fora safe Catholic Schools Week


Patrick Feltz, Staff Writer

The Peer Ministry Team was responsible for planning last week’s Catholic Schools Week. Many of them loved planning out the Catholic Schools week to see how creative they could get.


“What was really exciting was being able to be creative and letting our ideas fly to Mr. Meendering. We loved coming up with ideas as well,” Cece Villa (12) said.


Unfortunately, the ignoble COVID-19 presented some unique challenges for some of the traditions Dowling Catholic students are acquainted with.


“We could not have an all school mass throughout the week, which was a real bummer for us not to be able to plan that out,” Emily Jenkins (12) said.


However, this unprecedented time with COVID-19 has presented the team with some unique ideas to make it an exciting week for all students and staff to participate in.


“We came up with the idea of a dressup week, which we have not done in a while, and I do not think we have ever done that with my time as a senior,” Villa said.


Before the CSW, however, the Peer Ministry Team came with a lot of planning and time for it. It wasn’t a one day planning session. It took quite a lot of time for them to come up with a set schedule and events for Catholic Schools Week.


“We have been planning this for about a month, and it has just been really fun to be able to be creative,” Villa said.


The Peer Ministry Team has their eyes set for more events to plan for, especially for this upcoming Lent to make it as exciting and enlightening as they can.


“We are now looking ahead and setting our eyes planning for the upcoming Lent Season starting next Thursday, but we are sure it will still unfortunately present some challenges because of COVID,” Villa said.