Longing for a Season

The Dowling girls’ soccer team is working hard for their upcoming season


Petra Knupp

Petra Knupp (11) and former players celebrate a goal in the 2019 season

Natalie Thomas, Staff Writer

The Dowling girls’ soccer team has been training hard throughout the winter in order to prepare for their upcoming season. After losing their season to COVID-19 last year, they are ready to dominate the field once again. 


The past few weeks, the team has started early morning speed and weights in order to get in good shape for workouts. Petra Knupp (11), a returning player, gets up every Thursday to go to speed. The early morning workouts are tough on everyone, but since all her teammates are there with her, it makes it bearable.  


“It is definitely a challenge to wake up in the morning, but knowing my teammates will be there makes it worth it,” Knupp said.  


Some returning players played on a winter team this year where they would scrimmage against other local school teams including Ankeny, Valley, and others in order to scout out their competition. 


“We were able to look at some of the talent we’ll be playing against this upcoming season and get a good look at what playing as a team is like,” Knupp said. 


Twins Anna and Maria Eide (10) also had the opportunity to play on this team.  They have been longing for their first high school season. Due to their freshmen season being cancelled, they knew they had to work hard in order to prove themselves. Anna has been working hard throughout the off-season and has been learning how to become the best athlete she can be. 


Anna Eide (10) looking to score a goal in a game during the 2020 fall season (Anna Eide)

“I’ve been working hard by training by myself, learning to fuel my body with the right things, showing up to all of the weightlifting and speed and agility sessions, and always giving my best performance,” Anna said. 


Both twins have been blown away by the team atmosphere; they say it’s something special. They’re one big family and are always there for each other. 


“I love how encouraging everyone is to each other. We all push each other to work hard but also work as a team to get better,” Maria said. 


Knupp said that this year they are having even more fun than normal. Everyone is glad to be back together after so long. They are excited to see what this upcoming season can be and are hungry for some big wins.

Maria Eide (10) a defense player, defends the goal (Maria Eide)


“It’s great to be back with the team and get the chance we didn’t have last year,” Knupp said.