DC Post’s Very Own Class Pet

Meet Tatiana, The Post’s first class squishmallow.


Sarah Wicker

Meet Tati the Dragon!

Sarah Wicker, Staff Writer/ Funny Person

The story of Tatiana started when Gracey Timm, yearbook and newspaper writer, started the Squishmallow craze amongst The Post. 


“I was showing Mrs. Triplett my Sally one, [Squishmallow] and that’s where it started,” Timm said. 


The craze escalated even more when members of The Post started getting their very own Squishmallows at a various amount of stores.


Then one day, Mrs. Triplett, Journalism teacher, walked inside a TJMaxx and found our very first class Squishmallow, Tatiana the dragon. 

Tati explaining the importance of sanitizer. (Sarah Wicker)


Tatiana, her friends call her Tati, is a teal dragon Squishmallow with multicolored horns that are purple and blue. She also has sparkly wings and a white nose adding to her physical attributes. 


Tati has her very own personality traits and uniqueness! All of her information can be found on her tag attached to her side.


Her tag says that  “Tati loves dancing, baking and exploring with her friends. She wants to save the world one day at a time. Catch her with her friends out in the wild or in the library reading up on her next big adventure!” 


Tatiana is always a friendly face to everyone and makes friends with just about anyone who walks into room 609. Emily Jenkins (12) has started a liking to her because of her friendliness!


Tatiana having a dinner party with her new pals, Orin and Cindy. (Sarah Wicker)

“She’s so cute,” Jenkins said. 


The staff writers of Dowling Catholic Post LOVE Tatiana! Becca Youngers (11) and Sarah Wicker (12) even brought some of their very own Squishmallows from home to become friends with Tati. 


“I brought my holiday Squishmallows, Zobey and Cindy to hang with Tati. Everyone gets lonely, even Squishmallows,” Youngers said. 


Wicker brought her Squishmallow, Orin the Orange to hangout with Tati, too.


Tati and her newly acquainted friends have been having parties, sleepovers, and meals together for the past week. Her friends are all enjoying their time spent in room 609, including the members of The Post.